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Western Tube & Conduit Corporation is a leading manufacturer of fence products in the Western United States. The fence products, which include fencepost and fenceall products, are manufactured in a contained and controlled environment, where there is a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and delivering a quality product.

Western Tube & Conduit Corporation’s manufacturing facility is located in beautiful Long Beach, California. Their facility is ISO-9001 certified, and is capable of shipping up to 1,000 tons of steel tubing each and every day.

Their fence products meet all applicable specifications, including all state, federal, industry and regulatory requirements. Each Western Tube & Conduit Corporation fence product is galvanized with a high purity zinc, and then further receives a coating on both the inside and outside, that provides further protection against the harsh elements.

While Western Tube & Conduit Corporation regularly stocks the standard products and sizes in each of their lines, they are also more than happy to provide you with custom dimensioned products, to fit the exact needs of your project. To further customize the products of your choice, many of the fencepost and fence rail products that we offer can also be equipped with one end swaged, in order for the ends to fit together.

Click here to learn more about our Fence Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS, for short. A Material Safety Data Sheet is designed provide workers and also emergency personnel with the proper procedures for handling and working with said substance. Each MSDS includes pertinent information, such as the physical data of the product, shipping information, and other key points, including toxicity, first aid treatment, and information about storing, protecting, and also disposing of the material.

There are several distinct advantages to choosing steel fence products for your construction or project. Steel fencing is:

  • Extremely durable in nature. This is the primary reason that most people choose steel fencing. Steel fence products are often coated with zinc and then galvanized, which makes the product extremely durable. In fact, it will last for decades! With such a sturdy and durable product, you won’t have many of the concerns that you would normally have with a sub par product, including running the risk that your fencing will be damaged, thus allowing unauthorized intruders onto your property.
  • A fantastic high security option. You can rest assured that with steel fencing products, you will have the best control over who is kept on and off of your property. Often times, just the sight of a secure, steel fence is enough to ward off intruders.
  • Perfect for high security. In the same way that you can keep people off of your property with a steel fence, you can also keep your loved ones, such as children and pets, within your fence. You can rest assured knowing that your steel fence will provide you and your family with the highest level of security.
  • Low maintenance. Another reason that steel fencing is so popular is the fact that it is incredibly low maintenance, in terms of both cost and time. You will find that you spend less time maintaining your fence in order to keep it in good condition. You will not run into issues such as corrosion or rust, and can be kept clean with only water and a cloth.

Western Tube & Conduit Corporation operates on the mission to be the most successful steel tubing supplier, and also the first choice of the customers and the market that they so happily serve. They strive to achieve this success by concentrating on the satisfaction of their customers and becoming the industry leaders in quality. To them, your success is their success, so their main objective is to support and participate in your success, right along with you. They promise to provide you with a high quality product that not only fulfill your requirements, but also exceed them. Coupled with their unparalleled customer service, they provide an experience that simply can’t be beat.

To learn more about Western Tube & Conduit Corporation’s team of fence agents, click here. You can also download a copy of their current fence brochure by clicking here. As always, if you have any questions about any of the fence products offered by Western Tube & Conduit Corporation, or if you would like to speak to a member of their team directly about your individual needs, please feel free to give them a call at 1-310-537-6300 or connect with them online. You can reach them by email at They are looking forward to hearing from you!