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Western Tube & Conduit Corporation is proud to be the leading producer of steel tubing, both galvanized and black, for the entire western United States. Further, Western Tube is also one of the major producers and supplier of steel conduit, which comes in standard regulation sizes, but can also be customized based on the needs of your individual projects.

Western Tube & Conduit Corporation offers a wide range of individual products in each of their product lines:

  • Mechanical. Western Tube & Conduit Corporation has become one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical tubing. The company credits its quick rise in popularity for mechanical tubing to the fact that they do business differently – first and foremost, Western Tube & Conduit Corporation is a service company, meaning that they rely on your input and feedback to develop the specific ways in which your product will be manufactured, in order to most effectively meet your specific needs.
  • Conduit. Western Tube & Conduit Corporation produces high quality conduit, to fit any and all of your individual project needs. There are numerous benefits to choosing steel conduit, including mechanical and flame protection for your conductors, safety for your personnel, an easy pull, smooth and snag free pathway for your cables, pull boxes in order to enable straight pulls, and an easy way to replace conductors or pull in additional ones. Steel conduit also provides superior design, with good strength in relation to the size of the conduit. Steel conduits are also low maintenance, and provide a significant savings of cost over the long run.
  • Fence. Western Tube & Conduit Corporation also offers a wide range of fencing products, including fencepost products. All of Western Tube & Conduit Corporation’s fencing products meet all applicable regulations, and they are galvanized with a high purity zinc and then further coated to provide excellent protection from the elements. In addition to the standard sizes, which are always in stock, their team is happy to discuss custom options with you, and will provide you with a customized product to meet your specific needs.

You can find all of this information, and more, by downloading a copy of the conduit brochure, the fence brochure, or the mechanical brochure.

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Western Tube & Conduit Corporation, which is operated out of Long Beach, California, has been delivering service, quality and friendship since 1964. They pride themselves on being a service corporation, first and foremost, and so they put their customers first. They focus their business on providing the highest quality products on time, every time, and strive to make each customer a repeat customer. They are exceptionally attention to not only meeting your expectations, but exceeding them.

Western Tube & Conduit Corporation’s mission is to be the most successful steel tubing manufacturer and supplier, by being the first choice in the minds of their customers.

To help achieve this goal, they focus heavily on customer satisfaction, and emphasizing the following:

  •                   Customers
  •                   Technology
  •                   Passion
  •                   People
  •                   Ethics
  •                   Environment
  •                   Shareholders

To find out more about the product lines that they offer, or to speak with a team member directly about your current or future projects, feel free to give them a call or connect with them online. They would be happy to talk with you about your individual needs, and offer advice and suggestions on which products will best fit your needs. They are standing by and waiting to hear from you!